2007 GMC Sierra Rob Style Jr Cam & FAST 102mm

This low-riding 2007 4.8L truck had visited us a few times before; both for tuning and mechanical work. This time around, he had an aftermarket driveshaft so we were finally able to put it on the dyno and see what it was making! With a cold air intake, headers, larger converter, 4.11 gears and being previously tuned, it dyno’d 262 rwhp & 258 ft/lbs tq.

Now that he had a nice start on the modification process, this truck owner was ready to wake the truck up even more with a custom cam. We spec’d out a small/medium sized cam that would still retain excellent driveability, while sounding great and making excellent power as well. This cam was modeled after our very popular 6.0L Rob Style Cam, just tweaked for the smaller displacement. Hence, it received the name of Rob Jr.! The Rob Jr is a 217/221 duration cam with lift in the low .600’s. We paired it with our Brian Tooley Deluxe Cam Install Kit, a Melling 10296, and a COMP Trunion Upgrade while we were in there.

We also decided to add a FAST 102mm intake manifold along with our plug & play LSXRT Plumbing Kit to help the truck breathe better. The final dyno results yielded 324 rwhp & 295 ft/lbs – a gain of 62 rwhp & 37 ft/lbs tq! The only thing holding this truck back now is the cold air intake on it – if we were able to open it up to a 4″ fender well version we could easily find more horsepower in this build!




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