2014 ZL1 Advanced Induction Heads & ZL-Win Cam

One of our favorite packages that we offer at PCM of NC is our Stage 3 ZL1 upgrade – with consistent results and performance, it really goes a long way in turning a ZL1 into a monster! This ZL1 came to us after its owner saw how several of our other builds turned out. He was looking for the same thing – gobs of power with great street manners.

Already having a RotoFab intake, this manual Z baselined at 539 rwhp & 519 ft/lbs tq, nice and strong. We used our ZL-win camshaft once again, as it fit the bill perfectly. The heads as usual were sent to Advanced Induction to receive his 280cc head package, with Brian Tooley Titanium Retainer valve springs. We also added a COMP Trunion upgrade, and a Melling 10296 oil pump up front. Our new PCM of NC Catch Can not only looks nice installed, but will prevent oil from being consumed as well.

A set of Kooks 1 7/8″ headers with high flow cats were added, along with a Mild2Wild exhaust control switch. To gain back some boost and then some, we pulled the snout down to 2.55″ with Lingenfelter’s set up, and also overdrove the crank with their balancer set up as well. The Lingenfelter heat exchanger replaced the puny stock one, allowing that system much more capacity (along with the larger reservoir) to help keep things cool.

For the fuel system, we used 1000cc Fuel Injector Connection injectors, paired with an MSD boost a pump. To monitor the AFR and boost, Autometer Sport Comp II gauges were added. The cherry on top was a shift light by Raptor Performance.

In the end, this build wrapped up at 766 rwhp & 696 ft/lbs tq, making for a gain of 227 rwhp & 177 ft/lbs tq over its initial numbers!

“I haven’t had a whole lot of time, but the car has been a blast…  Overall, I am happy with the work and I appreciate everything.  It’s like driving a new car altogether.”





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