2008 Trailblazer SS Attitude V2 Cam & Advanced Induction Heads

We really appreciated this customer making the long haul all the way from Connecticut to come visit us! He brought in a mint 2008 Trailblazer SS in fantastic shape, almost all stock except for a Magnaflow catback. Being AWD, unfortunately we were not able to baseline it.

We gave this TBSS a performance makeover – just about from top to bottom! We installed our Attitude V2 cam, and a set of 232cc heads ported and polished by Advanced Induction. We also solved the oil starvation problem (all too common to TBSS’s) by installing our Pickup Tube Relocation Kit. A set of 33# FAST Injectors and a powerbond underdrive pulley rounded out the engine side of things, along with a Melling 10295. while the heads were off, we replaced the lifters with a set of LS7’s.

Longevity was really important to this customer, so we also went ahead and ditched the stock transmission for a built Level 6 while it was here. A Yank torque converter was also installed to maximize performance for this build, coupled with our brake duct transmission cooler to keep temps down.

A set of Kooks 1 3/4″ long tube headers with cats was used in this build, after having them coated by local coaters HM Elliott. The coating gave them a nice silver appearance and also cuts down on heat. A few other bolt ons, such as our 4″ LS7 Airbox Intake, 3 Relay Spal Fan Kit, and a thermostat were installed as well.

After its complete makeover, the TBSS felt way better than it ever did new! It has plenty of power to spare, and with stock driveability and a quiet catback, is one heck of a sleeper. The power modifications are sure to surprise many out on the road from stoplight to stoplight.

“Hey Kelly, thanks for checking in.  The ride was good…got home around 1am.  The truck is awesome and was flawless.  Even with the “quiet” Magnaflow catback, it still turned heads at every truck stop we pulled into.  The state of Virginia liked it so much they pulled me over to get a better look, lol.  Got a small ticket for doing 82 in a 65 but it was worth it. “




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