2004 Corvette Firefighter Cam & Headers

Having had this low mileage automatic 2004 corvette for a while, this fellow decided it was time to give this cruiser some GO. He had been enjoying driving it and taking it to car shows, but after baselining at 310 rwhp and 339 ft/lbs tq, he felt the performance was in need of an upgrade.

After his initial consultation, we decided to spec out a nice naturally aspirated build for this car. He wanted to hear the cam lope – loving the sound of the old hot rods. We also wanted to maintain great driveability for him as well, so that he could continue to enjoy the car on the street. We selected a custom cam speced by Alvin here at PCM of NC that delivered just that! We ended up with a 225/231 cam with lift in the low .600’s, on a 113 LSA. This cam has now been added to our line up as the Firefighter Cam.

We also added a set of Kooks headers to make sure the car was going to be able to exhale well enough with the larger cam. We tweaked the cold air intake he had, deleting the MAF (as we were running in speed density anyway) and also improving the air filter. A 2800 stall speed Yank converter was installed as well to help with driveability and performance.

After adding these great modifications and getting back to the dyno, we ended up at 409 rwhp & 381 ft/lbs of tq, making for a gain of 98 rwhp & 42 ft/lbs tq! While we were very happy with the performance gains, it really made us smile to see the customer so happy – when he started it up for the first time after the mods we saw him holding up his cell phone behind the exhaust so his son could have a listen!

” I love it, Thank you very much, Can not wait until you get my son’s Camaro done.”