2008 G8 GT Cam & Advanced Induction Heads

This stealthy G8 came in with a cold air intake and Kooks mid-length headers, looking to obtain more power naturally aspirated. He was looking to retain good driveability on the stock torque converter as well, which was no problem! We put the car on the dyno for a baseline before tear down, where it put down 321 rwhp & 341 ft/lbs tq.

We decided to custom spec a cam to fit the bill – this ended up being a 219/235 with lift in the low .600’s. Since we wanted to eliminate the sketchy stock Displacement on Demand lifters, it was also a great time to port and polish the heads while they were off! We sent them off to Advanced Induction to apply their porting and polishing, as well as mill off a bit to bump the compression up.

With no other changes other than the heads and cam, we were able to find another 102 rwhp & 67 ft/lbs tq when returning to the dyno! The car still drove excellent, and also had a nice mild chop to it at idle as well. A few other parts we replaced to help beef up the engine while we were in there included our Brian Tooley Deluxe Cam Install Kit, a Melling 10296 Oil Pump, and a COMP Trunion upgrade as well.




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