2006 TBSS Attitude V3 Cam & Bolt Ons

After emailing back and forth with this customer about potential builds, we decided on a nice naturally aspirated package to get this truck some more power than the 326 rwhp & 338 ft/lbs tq that it baselined at. Knowing he wanted the sound and driveability of our popular Attitude V2 cam but with just a bit more bite – we took the chance to design our Attitude V3 camshaft – something that folks had been asking about for quite some time. You wanted bigger, you got it!

Since this truck was all stock, we needed to get it breathing better as well to help the cam perform at its best. We used our Performance Package 4, upgrading the intake to our 4″ MAF airbox intake. This package includes our Airbox Intake, our LS1 Electric Fan Kit, Powerbond Underdrive Pulley Kit, 160 thermostat, and a transmission cooler kit as well.

We also added a set of Kook’s headers, keeping a catted y pipe to cut down on rasp and exhaust smell. A Circle D torque converter was installed to allow better driveability, and also for it to hit harder off of the line as well. We chose a 3000 rpm stall speed, which drove excellent, but also will work well at the track.

Our Attitude V3 cam ended up becoming a 225/235 .61x/.62x on a 113 LSA, which gives it a bit more aggressive idle, and about 10-15 more rwhp than our Attitude V2. The driveability is still excellent with it! Along with the cam went out Brian Tooley Deluxe Install kit, and a Melling 10296 oil pump. To make sure we had enough fuel, a set of FAST 33# injectors was also installed.

Back to the dyno we went, ending up at 423 rwhp & 403 ft/lbs tq…a gain of 97 rwhp & 65 ft/lbs tq! The truck made strong gains all across the board, as evidenced by the dyno graph.

“Again thanks PCMOFNC for all the hard work and great customer service.  I am very pleased with the outcome of the truck.  As I said before you have my business for life.  I will definitely be bringing it back for future needs.”




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