2006 Corvette Procharged Superfly Cam Install

This 2006 Corvette was already making good power with a Procharger P1SC kit, baselining at 563 rwhp & 501 ft/lbs tq. Wanting to add more horsepower and a better sound, we decided to add our Superfly Blower cam, knowing it would give us what we were looking for. Along with this cam, we added our Brian Tooley Deluxe Cam Install kit and a Melling 10296 oil pump while we were in there. A COMP Trunion upgrade was also installed in the rockers as well to replace the factory needle bearings. Knowing we would be out of injector as well, we also added in a set of Fuel Injector Connection 1000c injectors to cover all of the bases!

Going back to the dyno for tuning proved to be very fruitful, yielding an extra 93 rwhp & 38 ft/lbs tq after the final pulls, putting us at the final numbers of 656 rwhp & 539 ft/lbs of tq. While we did add a smaller pulley to compensate for the loss of boost, the car still ran the same amount of boost before and after the cam install.

“Thanks a bunch!!!!! …. And it runs awesome!!! Love it yall did a great job!!!!!”



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