2007 Z06 Advanced Induction Heads & Bolt Ons

Having been excited about a Z06 for a long time, our previous customer finally located one that fit his bill. His first stop after getting used to the car was to our shop – to add a set of Kooks headers, and also to have the heads looked over by Advanced Induction to address the infamous valve guide issue that the LS7’s are prone to.

We elected not to baseline dyno, so we went right to work pulling the heads and sending them off to Phil. When we received them back, they had been ported and polished to 280cc, and the factory valve guides were replaced with bronze. The exhaust valves were upgraded to stainless steel manleys, and the heads were topped off with Brian Tooley Platinum double valve springs.

After reinstalling the heads and the Kooks headers, we also replaced the dry sump oil tank with Lingenfelter’s model, which allows for more capacity. Knowing this car would see a lot of track time, we wanted to make sure that oil starvation would not be a problem with all of the G’s it would be pulling!

When the modifications were complete, the Z06 hit the dyno for some final tuning, ending up at 515 rwhp & 484 ft/lbs tq. Couple with the Z06’s light weight and improved suspension, the power level felt amazing and is sure to be killer on the track!




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