2014 Silverado 6.2L Magnacharger TVS 1900

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Although the new 6.2L trucks pack a nice punch from the factory, this customer was looking for more power already. Wanting something simple yet potent, we fixed him up with a Magnacharger TVS 1900! This fantastic kit bolts on without major modifications, and makes great horsepower and torque, especially in the lower RPM’s where the trucks really need it.

Baselining at 356 rwhp & 397 ft/lbs tq, this truck was no slouch! With the addition of the Magnacharger at stock boost levels and no other modifications besides tuning this truck ended up at 482 rwhp & 503 ft/lbs of tq, for a difference of 126 rwhp & 106 ft/lbs of torque. The additional power is super smooth and is an excellent addition to the truck – one serious sleeper!







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