2010 Camaro LS3 Advanced Induction Heads & Cam

This 2010 LS3 Camaro came to us already heavily modified – all of the usual bolt ons, plus a cam. Our customer wanted it bigger, badder and better – so he decided to have us spec him a new cam, and put some Advanced Induction 280cc ported and polished heads as a cherry on top! His requests were more power, and more sound (which was a tough order as it came in sounding pretty nasty already!)

We set to work designing a custom cam that was larger than any of our off the shelf versions, as we wanted to make sure we could give him the NASCAR sound he was looking for. Phil at Advanced Induction handled the heads – topping them off with Brian Tooley Platinum Valvesprings. We did our usual COMP Trunion upgrade and Melling 10296 oil pump as well for better support for the new bump stick.

With our new cam and heads package, we picked up an additional 61rwhp and 32 ft/lbs of torque over the cam it came in with (and stock heads)! We felt this car dyno’d a bit on the low side; especially on its baselines, so we are focusing on the overall gain as a measure of performance. It’s original baseline (with bolt ons & cam it came in with) was 431 rwhp & 414 ft/lbs tq, the final numbers were 491 rwhp & 441 ft/lbs. The most important thing…the customer was happy with the new, much more aggressive sound!

“I love everything that y’all did to the car. Please tell your husband and the guys at the shop – Atta boy!  I love the way it sits, the way it drives, and the way it sounds. I don’t think I could pick a better sound, as a matter of fact, I think Chevrolet ought to use my car as the standard for the way a Camaro should sound. Thanks Kelly for your patience and your willingness to work with me. You have another satisfied customer in me and I will not hesitate to recommend PCM.”