2008 Z06 A&A Supercharger Kit

Some people think a stock Z06 has enough power – and some want more! This all stock 2008 Z06 baselined at 434 rwhp & 420 ft/lbs tq, and while it felt strong on the street, it just wasn’t enough anymore to satisfy our customer. Wanting to add more power in a hurry, he chose an A&A Supercharger Kit to add some boost to his ride to really get it moving!

We install a lot of the A&A kits here, we feel they are very high quality and purpose-built. On a corvette, the centrifugal Vortech is the perfect choice for a blower, with very linear power increases it offers a (small) chance to hook up as well. Once it takes off, it feels like a rocket ship – smooth and super fast.

With no other modifications, this car picked up 133 rwhp & 98 ft/lbs of torque, ending up at 567 rwhp & 518 ft/lbs tq! This car is still a great daily driver type that will get you where you need to go in a hurry!




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