2014 ZL1 Rotofab, Kooks Headers & Boost

A previous tuning customer of ours, this fellow was interested in adding some more power to his manual ZL1. We decided to start out with some basic modifications to not only amp up the current power level, but also to set the stage for future modifications as well.

All stock, the car dyno’d a hefty 502 rwhp & 515 ft/lbs tq. We went to our go-to cold air intake, the Rotofab, and paired it with a set of Kooks 1 7/8″ headers with cats to get it breathing better. With more airflow, we decided to turn up the boost with a lower overdrive pulley from Lingenfelter. This allows us to interchange the pullies, so we were able to run an appropriate amount of boost for now, but also add more boost later on with ease!

To make sure we had enough fuel for the new set up, in went a set of 1000cc Fuel Injector Connection Injectors, and an MSD Boost a Pump.

Back to the dyno it went…this time laying down 611 rwhp & 604 ft/lbs tq – yielding a gain of109 rwhp & 89 ft/lbs of torque! These simple upgrades ended up being the perfect package for this awesome ZL1.

“Hey Kelly… Just wanted to let you guys know how happy I am with the car….Drives like a champ Alvin hasn’t lost his touch with the tune lol. Sounds incredible and hauls ass…I’ll talk to you guys soon definately have future projects in mind…Thanks again”




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