2007 TBSS Attitude V3 Cam, Heads, LSXRT Intake

We greatly appreciate this long-haul customer…he visited us for a second time all the way from Wisconsin! During his last visit, we installed many bolt ons and converted it from AWD to 2WD. This time around, he was ready to top it off with our Attitude V3 Camshaft, Advanced Induction 232cc Heads, and a FAST LSXRT 102mm intake.

We got right to work with the tear down, using our Brian Tooley Deluxe Cam Install Package. Featuring Brian Tooley Platinum Springs and Brian Tooley Pushrods, this package also includes gaskets and a new timing chain as well. We replaced the oil pump with a Melling 10296, and also threw in a COMP trunion upgrade for extra rocker strength.

The FAST intake really completed the build, not only looking nice but also offering better performance as well. We take extra time to lengthen and reroute the engine harness around the back of it, instead of over top as the factory has it. We used our FAST Fuel Rail Plumbing Kit also to make quick work of the plumbing.

After the final dyno tuning, the truck ended up at 450 rwhp & 426 ft/lbs tq, for a gain of about 80 rwhp & 44 ft/lbs tq. The owner then drove the truck to Kentucky to visit TBSS Nationals – definitely earning the hardcore driver award!

“Hell Yeah those look awesome!!! Everything’s great it’s running perfect. Thanks a lot. “






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