2010 Camaro 416ci & Whipple Supercharger

Wanting to take this build to the next level, this customer got ahold of us to install a new short block, and turn up the boost on his 2010 Camaro, which had already been cammed and supercharged with a Whipple. Although nothing was wrong with the shortblock, it was a good thing we were tearing it down anyway as we found lobe damage on the cam and on the lifter as well, which may have led to premature failure.

The cam was replaced with one of our custom grinds, a 227/251 duration cam with a 115 lobe separation and mild lift in the low .600’s. Since we were replacing the shortblock anyway, we also had Advanced Induction port and polish the heads to 280cc, capping them off with Brian Tooley Platinum Valvesprings.

To add more boost and retain belt wrap, we added an Innovator’s West 10% Overdriven pulley, along with the rest of their 10 rib pulley system. We went with the smallest Whipple pulley available, a 2.75″.To handle all of the extra boost, we also spec’d out a Fore Innovations fuel system, complete with two Walbro 405 LPH E85 compatible pumps and their FC3 Fuel Controller.





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