2012 CTS-V Intake & Pulley

A nice daily cruiser, this CTS-V put down 456 rwhp & 464 ft/lbs during a summer baseline. We kept it simple for this build – knowing that a few small upgrades would go a long way in performance and feel, without impacting driveability. We chose an Air Aid CTS-V intake, 160 thermostat, and upgraded the supercharger pulley to Lingenfelter’s 2.55 set up, with the 10 bolt hub for easy changing later on. We backed up the additional power with a set of FIC 1000cc injectors to cover the fuel side. After install and tuning, the car put down 532 rwhp & 519 ft/lbs tq – making for a gain of 76rwhp and 55 ft/lbs tq!

“As expected, just the stage 1 makes a BIG difference in how it comes on all the way thru the rev range, but especially in the mid to upper rev area. That’s at 100 degrees today !!! I can’t wait to try it tomorrow morning when it makes it down to 75 degrees. Come this winter when the temps get down in the 50 to 60 degree range, I’ll definitely have to be more careful than in the past. Awesome improvement.”







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