2004 Silverado 6.0L Whipple & Cam Install

Hailing from KY, this truck made the voyage for a complete makeover. Starting as a basic SS model, we threw almost everything we had at it – intake, Whipple 2.9L Supercharger kit, custom cam, our GT Series Fan Kit, Kooks headers, a fuel system, and more.  We ended up with a 218/231 cam with a 114+2, tweaked to work as best as possible with the Whipple. Along with the cam we did a full cam install kit and Melling 10296. FIC injectors made sure we got enough fuel, and a 450 Walbro kept up the pressure for us. After this build this truck sounds awesome and has the performance to back it up!

“THANK YOU KELLY! Absolutely Thrilled ‘Love All That PCM Did to my SS!…Gosh She Is Bad Azz Looking Under The Hood AND From The Under Side! Them Kooks Headers, Kooks Y-Pipe Set And Scotts Exhaust Are Sweet & Detailed Ran Out The Back!! WoW!!! That Whipple & All The Other Installed Parts, Give ‘The Impression’ of a New Factory High Performance Look!! To say the very least Kelly, Just Amazing!”




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