2014 ZL1 Advanced Induction Heads & ZL-Win Cam

It’s always a pleasure to repeat this heads and cam package – one of our favorites! This 2014 ZL1 was looking for a cam that would sound rowdy, drive well, and put down some serious horsepower. Our ZL-Win cam fit the bill perfectly – definitely our most popular LSA camshaft. We coupled it with none other than Advanced Induction 280cc heads. We also added more boost via Lingenfelter Upper and Lower Pulleys. For the fuel system we used 1000cc Fuel Injector Connection Injectors, as well as an MSD Boost a Pump. While it was here, our customer also had us powdercoat the calipers, which really turned out nice. With headers and an intake (no tuning) the car baselined at 543 rwhp & 535 ft/lbs tq. After these upgrades, the car put down 727 rwhp & 735 ft/lbs, for an outstanding gain of 184 rwhp & 200 ft/lbs tq!!





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