2017 Chevy SS LSA Supercharger & Heads

 After this stock high-mileage (but well maintained) 2017 Chevy SS surprisingly dropped a valve, the owner was looking to fortify the cylinder heads as well as add some additional power. We sent the heads off to Advanced Induction for some much needed attention, getting them back with a 280cc port & polish package – topped off with Brian Tooley Racing Platinum valve springs. The owner also had us swap out the cam with a GM LS9 cam, and remove the weak displacement on demand lifters. To really add some punch, we added an LSA supercharger kit as well.  This took the car from its initial baseline of 328 rwhp & 347 ft/lbs tq to 519 rwhp & 511 ft/lbs (stock manifolds). Talk about a sleeper, the car looks and sounds stock!


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