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2016 LT-1 Rotofab Intake & Kooks Headers

This simple build featured a Rotofab Cold Air Intake, Kooks Headers and a dyno tune. A day’s install netted 34rwhp & 32 ft/lbs of torque on this manual 2016 Camaro LT-1! This is a great round of modifications that helps pick up power and responsiveness, and also lay the groundwork for more power down the road.        

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2015 1LE Camaro Procharger Install

This previously-cammed LS3 was ready to come back for more power – bolting on a ProCharger D1SC kit gave us just what we needed! On low boost it put down a best of 664rwhp & 559 ft/lbs of torque, while retaining excellent driveability. We also utilized FIC 1000cc injectors and an MSD Boost a Pump to supply enough fuel for this build.

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2015 Camaro LS3 AGP TT & PCM of NC Camshaft

Some kick-ass gains on this 2015 LS3 Camaro! Originally we had installed an AGP Turbo kit, and the car put down 556 rwhp & 522 ft/lbs tq. Returning for a PCM of NC Custom cam, we ended up at 719 rwhp & 615 ft/lbs tq for a gain of 163 rwhp!! To support the new cam, we also installed our

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2013 Camaro LS3 Whipple & Phoenix Cam

This very low mileage ’13 LS3 came in for some fantastic upgrades – Kooks 1 7/8″ Headers with Cats, PCM of NC Phoenix Cam, Whipple Supercharger’s 2.9L blower, Roto-Fab, LLC intake and engine covers, and a few other goodies. Ended up at 635 rwhp & 537 ft/lbs on mild boost, which is a gain of 257 rwhp over stock! To

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2013 ZL1 ZL-Win Cam Install

These ZL1’s are hard to beat when it comes to responding to modifications!! This one came to us with a cold air intake and headers, baselining at a strong 513rwhp & 497 ft/lbs. After adding our ZL Win Cam along with our Brian Tooley Deluxe Cam Kit, more boost and a Lingenfelter Heat Exchanger, it put down 656 rwhp &

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2013 ZL1 Automatic ZL-Win Cam & Advanced Induction Heads

Another fantastic ZL-1 in for a power makeover! This 2013 automatic picked up 214 rwhp from its visit with us. This included our ZL-Win cam, Advanced Induction 280 cc head porting & polishing, Kooks 1 7/8″ Headers, Lingenfelter Performance Engineering pulleys, reservoir and heat exchanger, Roto-Fab cold air intake, Fuel Injector Connection 1000cc injectors, and a few other upgrades such as

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2015 LS3 Phoenix Cam & Advanced Induction Heads

It didn’t take long for this sharp 2015 LS3 to return to us for more modifications after his install of Kooks Headers (previous blog HERE). Previously, the car made 426rwhp with just an intake and headers. We added only our Phoenix cam and had the heads ported and polished to 280cc by Advanced Induction – picking up 75rwhp! Final numbers

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2011 Camaro L99 Crazy Joe Cam & Advanced Induction Heads

We love the repeatable performance of our Crazy Joe camshaft and Advanced Induction – Cylinder Head Development 280cc head package!! We were lucky to see yet another very clean Camaro come in for some hot rodding. This 2011 automatic baselined at 345 rwhp & 360 ft/lbs of tq with only a CAI – Cold Air Inductions cold air intake. After

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2010 L99 TVS 2300 & Kooks Headers

We had previously tuned this 2010 L99 a few years ago, with just the Magnacharger TVS 2300 and Rotofab. Itching for more power, it now has a set of Kooks 1 7/8″ headers to help exhale much better. After a set of Fuel Injector Connection 1000cc’s and some retuning, it’s now making 500rwhp & 557 ft/lbs tq through the stock

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2010 L99 Camaro Crazy Joe Cam & Advanced Induction Heads

This bright orange automatic Camaro was ready to add some power! After discussing a few bolt ons, he decided to make the jump and go with a full naturally aspirated build. We decided on our Crazy Joe cam (works excellent with the factory torque converter) and had the heads ported and polished to 280cc by Advanced Induction – picking up exactly

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