1999-2002 Full Size GM Truck Dual Fan Conversion Kit

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If you plan on adding electric fans to your full size truck, why not go with the highest quality kit available? This truck fan kit includes the wiring harness and brackets you need to install electric fans (either LS1 fans or 05+ Full Size Electric Fans – “GT series”–FANS SOLD SEPARATELY). This is a three relay harness. It will bring both fans on at half speed for low, and both on at full speed for high. Our wiring harnesses are built in house and use the finest components, including all weathersealed connectors and robust relays.

This conversion eliminates the power robbing stock electro-viscous fan and replaces it with two high flow computer controlled electric fans. Each fan is independently controlled by the PCM. This conversion has been credited with gains ranging from 15-20 RWHP and fuel economy improvements of around 1 MPG. The purchase of this kit includes a voucher for a FREE fan patch from us for the computer – you will need it to operate the fans. No operating system swaps required! Our kit is meant for gas trucks only.

Fans sold separately. LS1 fans can be added HERE. GT Series fans can be added HERE. NOTE: If you intend to use the GT series fans (larger) your truck must have the larger 34″ radiator option. If you have the smaller 28″ radiator, use LS1 fans OR our upgraded Spal fan kit with custom made shroud available HERE!

Now available for rental or purchase – PCM of NC Fan Clutch Wrenches! Simply add to your cart at checkout and save yourself a trip to the auto parts store. Don’t want to keep it? Send it back within 30 days in working condition for a full refund!

Click Here for electric fan patch information.

Click Here for more info on our electric fan kits.

Thanks to CarmaSpeed for this YouTube video featuring our kit. Install starts around the 6:30 mark.

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