2004-2009 Colorado/Canyon ECM I4, I5 & V8 Replacement Core


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These Colorado ECMs are GM units and you will receive a 1 year warranty from us at PCM of NC. We will also program your VIN and latest GM operating system onto it (included in cost).  All connections/connectors are confirmed good before the part leaves our location. These modules do not include any performance tuning. If you would like to purchase tuning or a core with tuning please click HERE.  If you would like us to delete VATS (security/anti-theft) we can do so for an additional $50. This will allow you to forgo a security relearn (and VATS often ends up failing anyway).

We do not require your core to be sent in as a core charge refund on this listing.  These are purchased outright.

Please note: Any time you install another PCM into your vehicle that is not original to it, you will need to do a security relearn and a CASE relearn (whether it is from us, the dealership, or any other vendor). The security relearn can be done by yourself, it is a simple process. The CASE relearn (crank angle sensor error relearn) needs a Tech 2 scan tool or a higher end snap on scan tool to complete. Needing a CASE relearn will not keep the vehicle from driving, but should be done within two weeks of install if prompted by a check engine light for it.

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 8 × 4 in


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