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Our performance tuning for the 2004-2012 Colorado/Canyon typically yields 10-14hp and 1-3mpg (stock vehicles, more if modified), as well as better part throttle response, towing, driveability, and more pep off the line. We can also account for any modifications you might have. Our tuning supports both transmissions and all year models of Colorado/Canyon, including 2.8l, 3.5l, 3.7l, and 5.3l. After placing your order, please fill out an order sheet for your vehicle (here). What program should I use and what is refundable? Click here!  Express shipping only covers one shipment for loaner programs.

How to mail in your ECM – CLICK HERE.

Also, check out our Aeroforce Scan Gauge  – not only is this a helpful gauge for scanning many parameters, but it is capable of performing the CASE Relearn as well (if you are doing a core program).

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 8 × 4 in

5 reviews for Chevy Colorado Mail Order Tune

  1. Rich

    The extra cost was well worth the performance gain, and you folks are true professionals!

    Thanks again,


  2. William

    Needless to say I ripped that cardboard box apart like I was a Jehovah’s Witness at his first Christmas and slapped that bad boy on. Ole’ Babe the Colorado sprang to life yet again! I just looked up in the mirror at that point and said, "Yeah…", but instead of me I saw Nicholas Cage in Gone in Sixty Seconds up there in my mirror (it was pretty sweet, you should’ve been there). Needle goes up and slaps 6,400. Shweet! Pull to the bottom of my driveway… Oh looky there, they just finished paving 4 days ago… No cars? BURNOUT TIME! About $75 later (10 seconds) I experienced something I never thought MY LITTLE TRUCK could do. It was simply beautiful. I live a half a mile down the road I am talking about and I hit 100, I mean, 55 way before I was at the end and its slightly uphill! Go to make a turn… break loose with a little bit of goose! I love it!

  3. Roland H.

    I wanted to take this time to inform you of the great results I am having with your tuned equipment that I have purchased. I have tested the final product with certified RADAR and the speedometer reads perfectly. I wanted to thank you for great workmanship and caring about the quality of your work. It was nice to install the units and have the engine start without any problems and perform without any trouble. Sometimes buying through the internet can be a scary thing because you don’t know what you will get. I will highly recommend your company and products.

  4. George

    I tuned my stock (except for after market wheels) 2010 Colorado 2.9L, extended cab, with auto trans (74k miles). I live near Baltimore and I sent my original PCM/TCM in for the tune (IIRC the transmission shifting was set to 2). The turnaround time was right at 7 days. My driving style is conservative. The tune was done in September 2014, but I waited a few months so I could get a good reading on any gas mileage improvement. I’ve put almost 10k miles on the tune, including a record setting cold month of February. I estimate my MPG improved maybe 1 MPG, which is not as much as I had hoped. Other than that, I am very pleased with the performance. The most noticeable difference is the transmission shifts; it no longer lags between up-shifts. I can definitely recommend the tune.

  5. NewColy (verified owner)

    I’m a repeat customer and this will be my second (of three) Colorado’s tuned by PCMofNC. I’ve experimented on my first stock 2005 3.5L/auto CC. with 87, 89 and 93 octane tunes. Performance wise, not much seat of the pants difference between 87 and 89 on take-off/launching, but 93 has a very noticeable difference across the board. I just recently had my third 2012 2.9L CC tuned for 87 with shift option 0 with an OEM corvette servo and drop in aftermarket filter as its only mods and again, I’m very happy with the throttle response and drivability results for city driving. No more mashing the gas or it constantly shifting into OD too soon just to keep up with traffic. I have not lost any mpg’s, if anything, my mpg’s have increased slightly and been more consistent regardless of weather/road/driving conditions. I’m sure it would be even better with, or in a combination with, an aftermarket muffler, ported throttle body, Super-Sparkz and e-fan, but for now this fits my budget. I’ve had an expensive custom wireless tune on my second Colorado (2012 3.7L/auto CC) and in comparison, for about $200 (mail-order-tune), PCMofNC is the best bang for the buck.

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