HP Tuners Remote Tuning - Gen III, Gen IV Gen V Full Size Truck Email Tune File


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Have HP Tuners but don’t know where to start? Let us build you a file. Your gains will depend on the modifications that you have done to your vehicle, but generally we are able to pick up about 15-20hp, along with better gas mileage and driveability. After placing your order, please click on “Ordersheet” on the top menu and fill out a tuning ordersheet for your vehicle. Then, email a copy of your STOCK file to sales@pcmofnc.com for tuning! NOTE: The cost of the email tune includes three free revisions (based off of datalogs you submit). Every file revision/review after the intial three is $5/file. Future reflashes are $50 (if you add/delete modifications).

Note: If you are converting a drive by wire (DBW) to drive by cable (DBC) system or vice versa, you must already have the correct file to start with (i.e. that is already an operating system that supports DBW or DBC). Files can be downloaded off of the HP Tuners Repository (link). Your vehicle must be able to run on that file (TB/throttle wise no codes etc) before we tune it.

Read more about our remote tuning here – Remote Tuning FAQ.

Note 2: 2017+ automatic vehicles require the TCM to be sent to HP Tuners for unlocking before we are able to tune it. This is $199 and would be handled on your end directly with HPT.



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