Isuzu I-Truck Series Mail Order Tune


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Our performance tuning for the 2004-2012 Isuzu I-Truck series yields 10-14hp and 1-3mpg (stock vehicles, more if modified), as well as better part throttle response, towing, driveability, and more pep off the line. We can also account for any modifications you might have. Our tuning supports both transmissions and all year models of the I-truck series, including 2.8l, 3.5l, and 3.7l (note, 08+ Automatics will have a transmission control module also, if sending in your PCM please include this). This is included in our core price if ordering the core program). After placing your order, please fill out an order sheet for your vehicle (here). What program should I use and what is refundable? Click here! Express shipping only covers one shipment for loaner programs.

How to mail in your ECM – CLICK HERE.

Also, check out our Aeroforce Scan Gauge  – not only is this a helpful gauge for scanning many parameters, but it is capable of performing the CASE Relearn as well (if you are doing a core program).

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 8 × 4 in


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