PCM of NC Attitude V2 Cam 223/231, .63x/.61x, @ .050″, 114 LSA

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PCM of NC TBSS Attitude V2 Camshaft

Cam Specs: 223/231, .63x/.61x, @ .050″, 114 LSA
Intended Engine: LS1, LS2, LS6, 5.3L & 6.0L Trucks
Other Modifications Needed: Cold air intake, headers
Minimum Torque Converter: 2800rpm+
Recommended Torque Converter: 3200rpm+
Expected Gains: 50-60rwhp
Operating Range: 3,000-6,500RPM

This naturally aspirated TBSS Attitude V2 LS1/2/6 cam has a nice lope with good driveablity, and is perfect for heavy LS2’s such as the Trailblazer SS or GTO where mid range power and torque are a must. This cam set the stock bottom end dyno record for Trailblazer SS’s and went on to set the all motor record at TBSSowners.com with a stock bottom end! This cam RUNS! Makes 50-60 rwhp more than stock.  Works best with intake, headers and a tune. Automatics should have at least a 2800 stall.

Customer Build Blogs – Link 1, Link 2, Link 3. Check out this VIDEO of this cam in action! Need the supporting parts to install this cam? See our Camshaft Install Kits. Note: Piston to valve clearance and pushrod length should always be checked during a thorough install. Our cams are proudly ground by COMP cams!

PCM of NC Driveability Index (1 is stock, 10 is race only)

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs

3 reviews for PCM of NC Attitude V2 Cam 223/231, .63x/.61x, @ .050″, 114 LSA

  1. Matt Cole

    This cam has a amazing sound, you get that thump thump rumble. people will definitely notice you when you pull up. the performance is second to none, no worries when your buddy with a mustang wants to talk trash. you got him, and the look he will have on his face after he was walked by a SUV will be priceless.

  2. Matt Bauer

    This cam sounds awesome! and the performance is crazy! Makes the truck sound so angry!

  3. Drew

    Installed the V2 a little over a year ago with about 8k on it so far and no issues. Wow did this thing wake up my truck! It sounds awesome and with supporting mods will make a good amount of power over stock so you can love your truck again. It also drives very well when tuned properly. I run a 3200 Circle D stall and it does drive very close to stock.

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