PCM of NC Crazy Joe Cam 215/247, .60x/.62x, @ .050", 119+2 LSA



PCM of NC LS3/L99 Crazy Joe Camshaft

Cam Specs: 215/247, .60x/.62x, @ .050″, 119+2 LSA
Intended Engine: LS3, L76, L99
Other Modifications Needed: Cold air intake, headers/exhaust, DOD/AFM Delete (if applicable)
Minimum Torque Converter: STOCK rpm
Recommended Torque Converter: 2600 rpm+
Expected Gains: 50-60+ rwhp
Operating Range: 3,000-6,500RPM

Excellent cam designed for supercharged applications, but works great naturally aspirated as well! We designed this Crazy Joe cam with driveability in mind – because dealing with the bad manners of an over-cammed car is not fun. Near-stock idle and driveability characteristics – can be used with STOCK torque converter. Makes around 465-475rwhp with a bolt-on LS3 (stock intake manifold) and around 490-500rwhp in an LS3 with bolt-ons and ported heads (stock intake manifold). The dyno sheet in the photo is a 2014 L99 (automatic) Camaro with intake, headers, AI heads, and this cam. Our cams are proudly ground by COMP!

This Crazy Joe cam requires a cold air intake, headers and a tune to perform at its best. Idle Video! Check out this customer build blog for more information and videos! Need the supporting parts to install this cam? See our Camshaft Install Kits. 

PCM of NC Driveability Index (1 is stock, 10 is race only)

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Weight 10 lbs


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