PCM of NC LS3 Phoenix Cam 231/246, .61x/.61x, @ .050", 113 LSA

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PCM of NC LS3 Phoenix Camshaft

Cam Specs: 231/246, .61x/.61x, @ .050″, 113 LSA
Intended Engine: LS3, L76, L99
Other Modifications Needed: Cold air intake, headers/exhaust, DOD/AFM Delete (if applicable)
Minimum Torque Converter: 2800 rpm
Recommended Torque Converter: 3000 rpm+
Expected Gains: 60-75+ rwhp
Operating Range: 3,000-6,500RPM

A reborn version of our ever popular 545 camshaft, the Phoenix camshaft is a slightly larger version for more power and sound!  Makes for a fantastic power increase whether you are naturally aspirated or supercharged. We designed this cam with driveability in mind – because dealing with the bad manners of an over-cammed car is not fun. With a good dyno tune, this cam retains near-stock driveability – with a GREAT lope! Consistently makes around 475-485rwhp with a bolt-on LS3 (stock intake manifold) and around 500-510 rwhp in an LS3 with bolt-ons and ported heads (stock intake manifold). Dyno sheet shown is a 2008 LS3 Corvette with intake, headers, AI heads, and the Phoenix cam. IDLE VIDEO! See this BUILD BLOG featuring this cam! Need the supporting parts to install this cam? See our Camshaft Install Kits.

PCM of NC Driveability Scale

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Weight 10 lbs

1 review for PCM of NC LS3 Phoenix Cam 231/246, .61x/.61x, @ .050″, 113 LSA

  1. Ryan

    Installed on a 2012 Corvette GS. Great idle lope, and pulls much harder from 3000 to 7000 RPM. Driveability is as good as stock above 1700rpm. Fuel mileage (if anyone cares) seems unchanged in the city, and down 6MPG on the highway (down to 24 from 30) which is MUCH better than expected.

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