PCM of NC Stage 2 Car Cam (5.7L, 6.0L, 6.2L, 7.0L)


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PCM of NC Stage 2 Car Camshaft

Cam Specs 5.7L: 223/227, .610/.614, @ .050″, 114 LSA (Full Specs HERE)
Cam Specs 6.0L: 229/231, .615/.617, @ .050″, 114 LSA  (Full Specs HERE)
Cam Specs 6.2L: 218/234, .598/.612, @ .050″, 116 LSA  (Full Specs HERE)
Cam Specs 7.0L: 226/246, .605/.615, @ .050″, 114 LSA  (Full Specs HERE)
Intended Engine: 5.7L, 6.0L. 6.2L, 7.0L
Other Modifications Needed: Upgraded valve springs, long tube headers, and tuning.
Minimum Torque Converter: stock or higher
Recommended Torque Converter: stock or higher
Expected Gains: 30-40 rwhp+
Operating Range: 3,000-6,500RPM

Now offering our most popular in-shop LS cam grinds for easy comparison and purchase! With extensive tuning and engineering experience, we are able to create grinds that make the most of your set up, while retaining excellent driveability.  Our Stage 2 LS cam grinds are tailored to your engine size – and we offer the full specs for your consideration. No surprises when the cam card comes! Stage 2 grinds are perfect for lightly modified cars looking for more power. Mild/medium idle sound. Great replacement when deleting DOD!  Check out our cam installation kits here – link.

PCM of NC Driveability Index (1 is stock, 10 is race only)

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