2013 ZL1 ZL-Win Cam & Advanced Induction Heads

After taking a ride in THIS PCM of NC-built ZL1, this customer knew he had to have the same package done to his ZL1! We were glad to oblige, and repeated the same package on his own 2013 ZL1, knowing the performance was great – but more importantly that it was backed up by fantastic driveability.

This sharp white Z baselined at 495 rwhp & 491 ft/lbs of torque, totally stock. We wasted no time tearing off the heads and sending them off to Advanced Induction to work his magic with his 280cc porting and polishing package – topped off with a set of Brian Tooley Platinum valve springs. We paired the heads with our own ZL-Win camshaft, our popular ZL1 cam delivering nasty sound, amazing performance, and great driveability. We also fortified the valvetrain with a COMP trunion upgrade for the rockers, a Katech C5r timing chain, and a few other items such as a Melling 10296 oil pump.

For exhaust, we looked to Kook’s 1 7/8″ Camaro headers, retaining catalytic converters. Rotofab, as always, was our go-to cold air intake. We upped the boost with a set of upper and lower pulleys from Lingenfelter. When we change the upper on an LSA, we always add the solid isolator bushing as well. With all of the added power, we kept the IAT’s in check by adding Lingenfelter’s serious heat exchanger with fans, and a separate, larger reservoir tank.

To keep tabs on the car, we also added a set of Autometer Ultra Lite gauges – boost and wideband AFR. A raptor shift light was also added, as well as a full radar system. To give the car better handling and a more aggressive stance, we also lowered it 1″ with a set of BMR lowering springs.

Back to the dyno it went…this time with an additional 252 rwhp & 207 ft/lbs of tq! Final numbers in the dead heat of NC summer were 747 rwhp & 698 ft/lbs tq. While we love building these cars and seeing great results, it’s the feedback like this that makes it all worth it –

“Kelly, I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love my ZL-1 horsepower improvement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like I probably told you, I have always had fast cars, drove LMSC on ½ mile asphalt tracks at Hickory, Tri-county, Friendship speedway etc, and Richard Petty driving experience at Charlotte AND NONE of them compare to my ZL-1 J It is so smooth, fast, loud, still great drivability, and handles like it is on rails. I can’t thank you enough and couldn’t be happier……And feel free to use me as a testimony LOL and I will be sure and tell all my car friends about PCM.”




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