2012 Corvette Grand Sport Phoenix Cam & Advanced Induction Heads

We knew this repeat customer of ours would not be leaving his new ride alone for long! After picking up this sharp 2012 Grand Sport Corvette, we talked about adding a nice naturally aspirated package to help pick up power and help it sound as mean as it looked. Knowing that he eventually wanted to supercharge the car, we made sure to select a cam that would work well with the set up now, as well as in the future. We baselined this vette at 381 rwhp & 384 ft/lb tq.

Liking the results and sound from our Phoenix cam, we tweaked the specs a bit to make a version of it that would work well with a centrifugal blower as well. We also pulled the heads and sent them off to Advanced Induction for a 280cc porting and polishing package. We topped them off with Brian Tooley Platinum valve springs, as part of our Brian Tooley Deluxe Cam Install Package.

A Melling 10296 oil pump as well as a COMP trunion upgrade also made their way onto the car, making sure we’d be able to support the extra power. A Katech C5r timing chain is keeping things in check as well.

To help the car breathe in and out better with the new heads and cam, a Halltech Intake along with Kooks full exhaust was added. We used 1 7/8″ headers, along with a Kooks connection pipe and their brand new Corvette catback as well with 4″ tips. Looks as well as sounds awesome!

Back to the dyno we went with our new package. We were very pleased with the results, ending up at 504 rwhp & 454 ft/lbs tq, for a gain of 123 rwhp & 70ft/lbs tq! The choppy idle sounds menacing, and driveability is great as well!



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