2006 AWD TBSS Rob Cam Install

This very clean out of state TBSS stopped in to have a comprehensive mod list added…not only helping longevity, but also picking up quite a bit of horsepower and sound along the way! Its only modification upon arrival was a cold air intake. The package started out with beneficial bolt ons such as our Three Relay LS1 Electric Fan Kit, and also a set of headers.  Our Manual Fan switch was also added for standalone operation of the electric fans, which will come in handy at the track.

We then started on the motor, adding our Rob Style Cam. While we were in there, we also swapped the oil pump for a Melling 10296 unit, and upgraded the valvetrain with our Brian Tooley Deluxe Cam Install Kit.

To combat the famous oil starvation problem in the TBSS, our Pickup Tube Relocation Kit was installed as well. Oil slosh will no longer be a problem! Our Brake Duct Transmission Cooler Kit was added to help the transmission last as long as possible.

Being AWD, we were not able to dyno this truck, but the performance gains were very noticeable. Being a medium sized cam, the Rob Style is able to operate with the stock torque converter, for nice driveability. It is still large enough to have a bit of lope to turn heads at idle!

“Everything is perfect, nice little lope and not much louder, but big difference in throttle band. Tell Nate thanks for taking his time on the install. Have great holiday.”



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