2008 Corvette LS3 Phoenix Cam Install

After finding out about us through our website, this customer reached out via email to create a package for his 2008 LS3 manual corvette. It was time to make it faster and more aggressive sounding! We decided to get it breathing better first, through a Halltech Intake and a set of Kooks long tube headers.

For the cam, we decided on our recently developed Phoenix. This is a larger version of our 545 camshaft, making a bit more power and also sounding off more as well! Driveability still remains excellent, and it is a nice grind for any LS as it feels very powerful in the mid and upper RPM range!

To go along with the cam, we beefed up the valvetrain also, using our Brian Tooley Deluxe Cam Install Package. Featuring Brian Tooley Platinum Springs and Brian Tooley Pushrods, this package also includes gaskets and a new timing chain as well! We replaced the oil pump with a Melling 10296, and also threw in a COMP trunion upgrade for extra rocker strength!

This corvette originally baselined at 391 rwhp & 392 ft/lbs torque. After the modifications, we ended up at 472 rwhp & 428 ft/lbs, for a gain of 81 rwhp!

“I don’t know where to start…the car literally sounds amazing. Better than I had hoped for. Your customer service exceeded all expectations with quality responses and quick prompt return emails. The work put in is flawless and I say that with pride considering how bad I hate for someone else to work on my car. The car feels incredible through then entire RPM range. I can’t describe enough how the sound of this car has completely changed the way I look at a Corvette. That’s saying a lot considering just that name alone rings bells. I want to thank each and every employee at PCM for taking the time dedicated to a project like this and turning it into a reality. I will definitely be back for future work. You’ve gained a loyal customer and I hope to get you plenty more in return for the smiles I get by starting my car. Honestly I hope you guys know, sometimes you aren’t just working on a car, you’re working on a dream for someone. Again I appreciate everything and I hope you can share this gratitude with everyone at the shop! See you soon! “





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