2008 Z06 Blower Cam & Advanced Induction Heads

This customer was bit hard by the power bug. After his first go-round with us – the install of an A&A Supercharger kit (first install blog HERE), he decided to come back for more! This time around, he went even bigger, adding ported and polished heads from Advanced Induction, a custom blower cam by Alvin at PCM of NC, and Kooks headers in 1 7/8″ as well. We also installed our Brian Tooley Deluxe Cam Install Kit and a Melling 10296 to back up the new cam. Previously with the blower, the car made 567rwhp and 512 ft/lbs tq. The new package really awakened the beast all over again – laying down killer numbers at 710rwhp & 647ft/lbs tq! Now with the choppy cam it really turns heads too!






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