2003 Silverado 6.0L Swap & Attitude V2 Cam

This 2003 Silverado was looking for more get up and go than the tired 4.8L could offer. Our customer brought in a salvage LQ9 and had us add our Attitude V2 camshaft – a lopey cam that is daily driver friendly, yet still makes great power. To go along with the cam we used our Brian Tooley Deluxe Cam Install Kit and a Melling 10296 Oil Pump. We also added Kooks Headers, a Circle D torque converter, and custom built a cold air intake for this truck, netting 364 rwhp & 353 ft/lbs of tq through the heavy drivetrain and tires!

“Mornin Kelly! Yup havin a blast with it. You guys sell tires?? Kidding! Thanks for everything I think you landed in a good place with the truck (performance / daily driver).”




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