2007 TBSS Rob Style Cam, RPM Trans & Bolt Ons

This slick black 2007 AWD TBSS made the long haul to come visit us from Alabama! This build included our Rob Style Cam, Brian Tooley Deluxe Cam Install Kit, and a Melling 10296 Oil Pump for starters. We also installed a set of Kooks Headers for better breathing, and our Oil Pickup Tube kit to eliminate the oil slosh issue. To make sure the build stays together for years to come, we also installed an RPM Level 5 Transmission. Being an AWD model, we just street tuned it, but the difference in sound and power was quite noticeable! The Rob Style cam is perfect for those looking for extra power without sounding too rowdy or losing any driveability.

“Hey just want to drop you a quick message to thank you and Alvin again for mods on my TBSS. It turned out exactly how I wanted it and it’s so much more fun to drive. “





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