Trailblazer SS Portfolio

2007 TBSS 403ci Engine, Custom Cam, Advance Induction Heads

After a catastrophic engine failure, this customer chose to go with a 403ci shortblock. When installing the shortblock, we also installed our custom cam (230/242) along with a slew of modifications including 232ci ported/polished heads from Advanced Induction, an LSXRT 102mm Intake Manifold, and much more. Being AWD we were unable to dyno, but we thought it felt fantastic on

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2008 TBSS TVS 2300 & Golen 402ci

We were excited to participate in the building of this 2008 TBSS. With higher mileage, its owner was looking to do a serious round of upgrades to refresh the chassis and powertrain. He started with a built 402ci from Golen Engines, also having Golen port and polish the cylinder heads. Knowing he was aiming to build a sleeper, we spec’d

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2009 TBSS Magnacharger TVS 1900 & Stealth Cam

  This pristine 2009 AWD TBSS visited from Massachusetts for an installation of a Magnacharger TVS 1900, PCM of NC Stealth Cam (also our Brian Tooley Deluxe Cam Kit and Melling 10296 oil pump), Kooks Headers, Pickup Tube Relocation Kit, our Spal Fan kit, RPM Transmissions Level 5 Transmission, and lots of other goodies as well! Turned out to be

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2008 TBSS TVS 1900 & LS3 Heads

This very clean TBSS might look familiar (previous post HERE), it’s visited before for a 402 shortblock from TSP, along with our custom cam to go with the TVS 1900 he already had. This go round, he wanted to install a set of LS3 heads, so we set to work swapping the lower half of the supercharger tub to fit

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2007 TBSS TSP 402ci, Custom Cam, Bolt Ons

This sleek 2007 TBSS was ready to replace his tired rob-cammed LS2 with something new…so we went with a built 402ci shortblock from Texas Speed and Performance, LTD. We topped it off with a 232cc port & polish job through Advanced Induction – Cylinder Head Development on his 243 heads, and used our HellCat cam to tie it all together.

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2008 TBSS TVS 1900 Supercharger

This 2008 TBSS definitely wins the long-haul award, coming to visit all the way from Massachusetts! This customer enlisted our help to install a Magnacharger TVS 1900 along with a few other bolt ons such as our 3 Relay Spal Fan Kit, and our Oil Pickup Tube Kit as well. The truck turned out excellent and felt very punchy and

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2007 TBSS Rob Style Cam, RPM Trans & Bolt Ons

This slick black 2007 AWD TBSS made the long haul to come visit us from Alabama! This build included our Rob Style Cam, Brian Tooley Deluxe Cam Install Kit, and a Melling 10296 Oil Pump for starters. We also installed a set of Kooks Headers for better breathing, and our Oil Pickup Tube kit to eliminate the oil slosh issue.

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2008 TBSS Custom Cam & Advanced Induction Heads

We were excited to put together another great TBSS package for this 2008. We ground a custom cam to the tune of 234/242 and paired it with a set of Advanced Induction 232cc ported and polished heads. We also topped it off with a FAST 102 intake along with our One Piece Fenderwell Intake and a set of 33# FAST

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2006 TBSS Attitude V3 Cam & Advanced Induction 232cc Heads

This 2006 Trailblazer SS already had our Attitude V3 cam, along with a set of headers and our Brian Tooley Deluxe Cam Install Kit. He decided to step it up a notch with a 232cc port and polish job through Advanced Induction, along with a few bolt ons like our One Piece Fenderwell Intake and our three relay SPAL fan

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2007 TBSS TSP 364ci Shortblock, Bolt Ons

After having a catastrophic stock engine failure that required a complete rebuild of the bottom end, this customer decided to go with a Texas Speed 364ci shortblock. The build stayed mild as we reused the stock heads and cam, but we did also add a few bolt on upgrades along the way – such as our DIY Intake, LS1 Fan

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