2013 Corvette Grand Sport LS3 Heads/Cam/Supercharger

When this corvette came to us with a previously installed Edelbrock supercharger, we knew we would have a great base to start with – and room to improve! This pristine show car was looking to make more power and also change the idle sound to turn more heads at shows.  We decided on our popular LS3 cam – the Phoenix – knowing that the driveability would still remain good. We reached out to Advanced Induction to do a 280cc porting & polishing package on the heads. Our modifications paid off – we picked up 162 rwhp & 206 ft/lbs of torque, ending up at 662 rwhp & 672 ft/lbs tq. Definitely rounded out this lovely build!

“Thank Nathan (technician) for the TLC and thoughtfulness.  Please tell him how much I appreciate his efforts.  There seems to be more room in the bay than before.  Everything is running perfectly! It is rare these days to find someone like you and the PCM family. We are friends for life. The car is phenomenal and I saw the U-tube posting. I am famous!!”





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