2000 Z28 Hellcat Cam & Advanced Induction Heads

This 2000 Camaro Z28 is in great shape for its age, and we love to see the rare colors come through the shop! On the first visit, we added our Hellcat Cam and an underdrive pulley. After driving it for a bit, our customer decided to go further down the rabbit hole and add a set of Advanced Induction 232cc Ported and Polished heads, along with a FAST 102mm intake and a NW 102mm throttle body. The car responded handsomely to the new modifications, going from 328 rwhp / 342 ft/lbs tq to 380 rwhp / 360 ft/lbs tq with the cam, and after heads/intake – ending up at 438 rwhp & 407 ft/lbs tq – a total gain of 110rwhp!! We were very pleased with the gains and the new sound as well.






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