Chevy Trailblazer SS and 5.3L Mail Order Tune

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Our tuning for the 2005-2009 Trailblazer SS 6.0L and Trailblazer 5.3L (05+) helps gain performance and better driveability. We include custom proprietary fuel and spark table changes that will make your truck more lively at part throttle and unleash great power differences. Our tuning on stock vehicles normally yields gains of 15-20hp+ and 1-2mpg increases as well – the more modifications you have the more you will benefit from the tune. After placing your order, please fill out an order sheet for your vehicle (here). What program should I use and what is refundable? Click here!

How to mail in your ECM – CLICK HERE.

Also, check out our Aeroforce Scan Gauge  – not only is this a helpful gauge for scanning many parameters, but it is capable of performing the CASE Relearn as well (if you are doing a core program).


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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 8 × 4 in

14 reviews for Chevy Trailblazer SS and 5.3L Mail Order Tune

  1. Chris

    hi kelly&alvin i just want to say how pleased i am with the work ya’ll did on my truck power is crazy down low,up top everywhere and such professionalism,customer service is great and the price is very reasonable and most of all my trip up there i averaged 16.4mpg going home i averaged 19.1@80mph good work alvin if i lived near there i would take ya’ll to dinner tonite(healthy food of course)cant’t wait to go to the track.

  2. Michael S

    I recently ordered some parts for my Trailblazer SS from PCM4LESS and I am completely satisfied. Customer service and communication was excellent. The parts shipped quickly and the quality/fitment was great. My truck picked up some power and I am pleased with the services I received. I wouldn’t hesitate to do business with PCM4LESS again.

    -Michael S

  3. Matt

    Kelly & Alvin,

    I sent my ECM/TCM a little concerned about what exactly I would get back… I was very pleasently surprised to hear that you got it shipped back out the SAME DAY it came in . Talk about a quick turn around. BUT, I was most impressed with the fact that when I had problems installing my MAF, Kelly answered my email literally within minutes of sending it, late on a Wednesday night. As far as the product, it turned my TBSS into a completely different beast. Shifts are firmer and lightning fast, and the added power is awesome, even when I didn’t think I needed any! I will undoubtedly be coming back to you when my future tuning needs! 5 stars!

  4. Scott

    After installing your products and dealing with you over the last couple months, I’m can say that your business is top notch with products and service! My 08′ TBSS is on its way to more power and I look forward to dealing with you again in the future for even more upgrades! Thanks again.

  5. Matt K

    I just wanted to take a minute to tell you that your company has the best customer service and that reviews and word of mouth is what brought me to be your customer. I am a service manager for honda and we strive to be the best and always make sure the customer comes first which is what they deserve, and is what you have provided. Also I plan on posting on tbssowners a follow up to how well you helped me with this transaction. Again, Thank You and have a great day.

  6. Rich C

    Just wanted to say thanks to your Team the Mail Order Tune is great. I wanted to put some miles on before I wrote my review, power is much better fuel economy is better ( when I can keep my foot out of it ) tranny seems much better too shift is faster and a bit firmer and doesn’t seem to search as much . turn around time was fantastic and Customer service second to none . I have also installed 4 inch CAI stock air box kit and the PNP tranny Cooler I would also highly recommend those products too !

  7. George A.

    I received my PCM/TCM today in the mail and I am amazed at the difference. Everyone suggested PCM of NC and I am certainly glad I listened. Thank you for all of your help and I will definitely be coming back in the future. Have a wonderful day!

  8. Freddy

    I have to say I was a little spectical at first about
    A mail order tune, but I have to say when I got it,
    It feels like a totally different truck throttle response
    Is amazing and horse power difference is awesome
    Thanks you guys for an awesome tune and thank you
    To Kelly and marshal for all your help, their customer
    Service is second to none , their always there to answer
    Any question no matter how silly it is. I definatly recommend
    Their mail order tune you won’t be disappointed

  9. Sean H

    Just received my tune from these guys today…. WOW!!! I knew the truck was going to run different but wow… Completely awesome!!!

  10. Joe S.


  11. Bobby M.

    You and Alvin did an awesome job yesterday…..the TBSS runs so much better, smoother and shifts much nicer, softer yet feels as quick or quicker than before.

  12. Chad M.

    I wanted to give you guy’s some serious props and also ask a couple of questions at the same time. I received my mail order tune for my 07 TBSS a few weeks ago from you guys and I am beyond thrilled. I did a 160* thermo and spal fans at the same time, and it feels like a different vehicle. I know my truck is nothing special but it is so much fun to drive now compared to stock and I picked up at least a mpg even thrashing on it every chance I get. I guarantee I will see at least a 2 mpg increase when my wife drives it, Lol

  13. Chad Maschino

    I’ve had my custom tune on the truck for about 3 weeks now and finally felt comfortable enough to "really" get on it tonight and I am beyond impressed with the tune. PCM really has the their tunes on these trucks down to an art. It really is like driving a different vehicle as others have said. While doing the tune I installed a CAI (wish I had bought one from PCM), Spal Fans and 160 thermo and I can’t believe that simple bolt-ons can transform it like it did. The parts they sell are fantastic, but the customer service is what will keep me coming back time and time again. PCM of NC is a dying breed in customer service. Thanks again for everything!

  14. James F.

    I got everything in great shape and it’s all installed. It made a HUGE difference. Thanks to your guys expertise and great directions it was easy to do.

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