Trailblazer SS Portfolio

2007 TBSS Bolt Ons & RPM Level 10 Transmission

This 2007 TBSS was interested in picking up some power, along with fortifying the truck for future modifications. To insure there would never be any transmission problems no matter what he decides to throw at it, we went with an RPM Level 10 transmission build. We also installed our Oil Pickup Tube Kit, Kooks Headers, our Spal Fan Kit, One

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2008 TBSS Rob Style Cam & Pickup Tube Kit

This ’08 TBSS came back for a Rob Cam install (with our Brian Tooley Deluxe Cam Kit), along with a oil pickup tube kit! We had previously installed a set of Kooks headers and y pipe, just doing a street tune the first time around. This truck picked up 59 rwhp & 47 ft/lbs tq from it’s initial tune a

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2007 Trailblazer SS Hellcat Cam & Advanced Induction Heads

This awesome TBSS made it’s third road trip down to see us – this time for a much needed RPM Transmissions Level 6 transmission, an oil pickup tube relocation kit, and a new cam! Since we had installed the Advanced Induction 232cc Heads, Attitude V2 Cam and FAST LSXRT, the transmission was noticeably slipping. RPM got us fixed up with

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2008 TBSS 402ci TSP Shortblock & Custom Cam

Unfortunately, this TBSS suffered an engine failure on the stock block. Already having a TVS 1900, he decided to rebuild with a built 402ci from Texas Speed. We added a custom cam to pick up more power, topped off with our Brian Tooley Deluxe Cam Install kit and a Melling 10296. Our One Piece Fenderwell Intake was installed, not only

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2008 TBSS LS2 The Force Cam

This previous customer of ours brought his beautiful blue 2008 AWD TBSS back for another round of modifications! Preparing for a future blower install – he had us add our LS2 The Force camshaft, along with supporting mods such as our Brian Tooley Deluxe Cam Install Kit. Also to support the new cam, we added a Melling 10296 oil pump

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2006 TBSS TVS 2300

This 2006 AWD TBSS came in to have a load of modifications installed…including a TVS 2300! It went from near stock (with a built transmission) to a serious contender on the street. We installed the blower along with a set of headers, our one piece supercharged intake, a Yank stall, Walbro 450 fuel pump, and a few other goodies such

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2007 TBSS 6.2L Bottom End Swap

After this 2007 TBSS’s stock engine met its untimely end, the owner decided to rebuild with a beefed up 6.2L bottom end. He had us spec a mild cam for it, wanting to keep it very tame for daily driving. We chose a 218/230 grind with a 117 lobe separation angle. We reused his AFR heads, and added a 33#

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2007 TBSS Attitude V3 Cam, Heads, LSXRT Intake

We greatly appreciate this long-haul customer…he visited us for a second time all the way from Wisconsin! During his last visit, we installed many bolt ons and converted it from AWD to 2WD. This time around, he was ready to top it off with our Attitude V3 Camshaft, Advanced Induction 232cc Heads, and a FAST LSXRT 102mm intake. We got

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2007 Trailblazer SS LS3

Unfortunately, this TBSS owner had suffered some chronically bad luck with his engine. His first LS2 succumbed to oil starvation, which the TBSS is famous for. He initially replaced it with an LS3 longblock with the GM hot cam, which yielded a meager 364rwhp. After that engine was hydrolocked, he shipped the truck to us to install another LS3 longblock,

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2007 TBSS Attitude V3, RPM Trans & Bolt Ons

After thinking about one of our packages for a while, this TBSS came in for a serious power make over! He wanted to add a cam that would not only feel great but add some head-turning sound – so we selected our Attitude V3 camshaft. Driveability and reliability were also on the top of his list, we wanted to make

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