Trailblazer SS Portfolio

2007 Trailblazer SS Heads and PCM of NC ‘Game Changer’ Cam Install

We finally had the pleasure of meeting another long time mail-order Trailblazer SS customer when he brought his TBSS up to us for our “Game Changer” cam and head install, along with our One Piece 4″ Fenderwell Intake. We decided to use a cam we had previously spec’d, that currently holds the record for the most horsepower on a stock

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2006 Cammed TBSS AWD to 2WD Conversion

A long time customer of ours, Matt brought his 2006 Trailblazer SS to us for a simple rod bolt and intake manifold swap….that would soon turn into much more! Pulling the oil pan on an AWD TBSS is a bit of an undertaking, as much of the front drivetrain/suspension has to be removed first. During this process, we had discovered

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2007 Trailblazer SS LSA Magnacharger & PCM of NC ‘Typhoon’ Cam

This longtime customer of ours has made the trip from South Carolina more than once to visit our NC location. Initially, this truck visited us a few years ago to help with a dyno tune and some bolt-ons to get started with. Over time, she has added several personal touches to the vehicle – including several small swatches of PINK

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2008 Trailblazer SS Magnacharger Build

Originally a tuning customer with a 1996 Impala, Randy also heard about us through He decided to make the trip up to North Carolina to allow us the opportunity to wrench on his mint 2008 TBSS. Initially, Randy fell in love with the Trailblazer SS while stationed in Hawaii. Coming back stateside, he selected a stock 2008 model in

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