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2008 Z06 Blower Cam & Advanced Induction Heads

This customer was bit hard by the power bug. After his first go-round with us – the install of an A&A Supercharger kit (first install blog HERE), he decided to come back for more! This time around, he went even bigger, adding ported and polished heads from Advanced Induction, a custom blower cam by Alvin at PCM of NC, and

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2002 Corvette TSP 408ci & Custom Cam

We had previously tuned this track car with his old set up, a TSP 408ci with an MS3 cam. Unfortunately one of the valvesprings broke, wreaking havoc on the block. We replaced it with another 408ci, however on this go-round we added our own custom cam, picking up 30hp over the MS3. We also installed our Brian Tooley Deluxe Cam Install

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2008 Corvette LS3 Phoenix Cam Install

After finding out about us through our website, this customer reached out via email to create a package for his 2008 LS3 manual corvette. It was time to make it faster and more aggressive sounding! We decided to get it breathing better first, through a Halltech Intake and a set of Kooks long tube headers. For the cam, we decided

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2014 Corvette A&A Supercharger Kit & Kooks Headers

We were very excited about this build – a gorgeous Laguna Seca blue 2014 Corvette, in for an A&A Corvette Supercharger install! We chose the A&A kit for its fitment, knowing that it would bolt on easily with no hassles. Using the V3 Vortech head unit provides plenty of power and self contained oiling as well. To help the car

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2008 Z06 A&A Supercharger Kit

Some people think a stock Z06 has enough power – and some want more! This all stock 2008 Z06 baselined at 434 rwhp & 420 ft/lbs tq, and while it felt strong on the street, it just wasn’t enough anymore to satisfy our customer. Wanting to add more power in a hurry, he chose an A&A Supercharger Kit to add

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2007 Z06 Advanced Induction Heads & Bolt Ons

Having been excited about a Z06 for a long time, our previous customer finally located one that fit his bill. His first stop after getting used to the car was to our shop – to add a set of Kooks headers, and also to have the heads looked over by Advanced Induction to address the infamous valve guide issue that

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2006 Corvette Procharged Superfly Cam Install

This 2006 Corvette was already making good power with a Procharger P1SC kit, baselining at 563 rwhp & 501 ft/lbs tq. Wanting to add more horsepower and a better sound, we decided to add our Superfly Blower cam, knowing it would give us what we were looking for. Along with this cam, we added our Brian Tooley Deluxe Cam Install

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2012 Corvette Grand Sport Phoenix Cam & Advanced Induction Heads

We knew this repeat customer of ours would not be leaving his new ride alone for long! After picking up this sharp 2012 Grand Sport Corvette, we talked about adding a nice naturally aspirated package to help pick up power and help it sound as mean as it looked. Knowing that he eventually wanted to supercharge the car, we made

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2004 Corvette Firefighter Cam & Headers

Having had this low mileage automatic 2004 corvette for a while, this fellow decided it was time to give this cruiser some GO. He had been enjoying driving it and taking it to car shows, but after baselining at 310 rwhp and 339 ft/lbs tq, he felt the performance was in need of an upgrade. After his initial consultation, we

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2009 Z06 AI Heads, LS7 Road Race Cam & Exhaust

After seeing another one of our builds pop up on Corvette Forum, this customer got in touch with us to see what we could do for his 2009 Z06. Like a lot of other Z06 owners, he had the nagging feeling in the back of his mind that he should have the heads checked, so we decided to make good

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